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Educational Online Articles contains over 150 articles on buying, owning and maintaining boats, based on D. H. Pascoe & Co.'s experience in surveying boats of all types. also had many boat reviews. These are "reviews", not surveys, and bear no resemblance to survey reports. Please note that the purpose of these reviews is educational, to help you discern the differences in quality among boats generally.


Owner Restoration Projects
Glissando Pearson Triton Restoration

This is the story of Glissando, a 1963 Pearson Triton--hull # 381 of this classic Carl Alberg design. After nearly two years of near-constant work, starting with gutting the boat back to the essence of hull and deck, installed all new systems, recored the deck, and redid anything that could be redone, creating a well-found cruiser that is basically a new craft within a classic shell.


Tolo Ranger 33 Restoration

This is the story of Tolo, a 1978 Ranger 33--hull # 187 of this classic Gary Mull design. She was purchased on March 16, 2001, found in Barrington, RI, sitting on rusty shores, beginning to deteriorate. This site covers her restoration, from the initial purchase, to getting the boat home, to detailed project information, and continuing today with ongoing upgrades, maintenance, and cruising information.


Professional Restoration
PIERA Restoration by Hinckley Yachts

Designer: Phil Rhodes 
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen, 
Launched: 1955, A&R Hull #5002

Originally built in Lemwerder, Germany for Walter Paine, PIERA has had an illustrious history of racing and cruising. In continuous service since her first christening, she has sailed the coastal and offshore waters from Maine to the Caribbean. 

While Piera has been well cared for through the years, she has also been sailed aggressively and continuously. In September, 2001 the Hinckley Company was commissioned to restore Piera to her original elegance. The comprehensive effort detailed in these web pages was accomplished in less than 9 months. On May 31, 2002 Piera was re-christened by owner Harvey Jones with the help of 3 former owners, the justly proud Hinckley craftsmen and many "Friends of Piera". She is now safely back on her familiar Nantucket mooring intent upon building on her legacy.


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