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Schooner Adirondack II off Newport, RI August 2003

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Billy Black
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Sunset on Narragansett Bay June 2002

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Curt-C 1264 400w x300h.jpg (38464 bytes) Ethel NEB 31 1242 may-03 400w x300h.jpg (42892 bytes)
Ethel NEB 31 1278 400w x300h.jpg (34644 bytes) Davidson Yachts 400w x300h.jpg (44460 bytes)
glamourous glennice crew 2002 400x300.jpg (27651 bytes) Ocean Planet 1260 400w x300h.jpg (44812 bytes)
falcon spinaker barrington RI 2002 300x400.jpg (19308 bytes) Herreshof Museum Tent 1274 300w x 400h.jpg (39829 bytes)
Old Port Launch with scouts 1275 400w x300h.jpg (38282 bytes) Smilin Through 1257 400w x300h.jpg (33633 bytes)
Persuit26 at Herreshoff 1238 400w x300h.jpg (30077 bytes) Saphire wheel 1261 400w x300h.jpg (44958 bytes)
typhoon at herreshoff 1237 300x400.jpg (21745 bytes) Smilin Through 1256 300w x 400h.jpg (40176 bytes)
Saphire wheel 1261 400w x300h.jpg (44958 bytes) Saphire flag 1265 400w x300h.jpg (41203 bytes)

Bristol Boat Show May 2003: 7 minute video montage 
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